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Empathy Manor helps in elaboration of Rwanda Hospitality Association functioning

The chairman of Rwanda Hospitality Association (RHA) Nsengiyumva Barakabuye has explained that the Association he heads plays a significant role in building strong foundations for hospitality businesses in Rwanda and the entrepreneurship in general.

Victor Okorafor of Empathy Manor Bed and Breakfast, has had a discussion with RHA Chairman with whom they touched a range of business ideas and approaches towards boosting the hospitality sector in Rwanda. The discussion is shared on their YouTube channel.

RHA is one of the five Associations that make up the Chamber of Tourism. The Chamber of Tourism is one of the ten professional Chambers that currently exists under Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF).

As its members, RHA brings together players in the hospitality sector such as hotels, resorts, apartments, restaurants, game lodges, guest houses, night clubs, eco-lodges, coffee shops, and bars.

Nsengiyumva says that doing business in Rwanda is much easier than in any other country in the region so far.For one to get an operational license to start his/her business, for example, one only needs to apply online and to follow the guidelines designed by Rwanda development Board [RDB].

He says the main function of RHA is to represent the common interests of members in the Hospitality Industry through advocacy for industry-friendly legislation, promotion of quality products and services, offering value added member services, as well as to be the resource for industry information and education to members, their employees, government, media, and all other interested parties.

“As a committee, we are here to represent the association, it is the body that tries to be the voice of the members.”

When explaining the structure of the association, Nsengiyumva said “We have a structure that is segmented at different levels; on national level we have a committee composed of 5 people. Country wide, we have 18 zones and the structure keeps on going up to the grassroots level; every district has its own committee that organizes meetings bringing together members in the area to share experiences, but alsodo capacity building where needed.”

RHA also helps with strengthening the marketing systems of their members’ businesses through different channels.

“We support members’ marketing activities via our websites. We also produce magazines that we distribute in different embassies here in Rwanda and abroad.
Other than that, we do participate in international marketing forums like ITV and attend international tourism exhibitions in Europe where we share our portals and establish business contacts, detailing the different hospitality experiences our country has to offer,” says Nsegiyumva.

Nsengiyumva said that the association also works in partnership with the government to set guidelines and policies for the hospitality sector making sure to contribute ideas that will benefit members.

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