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Explore Kigali

Many Tourists spend only a night in Kigali before Gorilla trekking. You miss out on the vibrant culture you have to plan, like spending a few days in the capital city of Rwanda at least a few days here at the beginning or end of your trip.

When you are already staying in Kigali, check out Kigali’s creative scene at Inema Arts Center, where you will find a gallery that showcases almost all the works of up to ten local artists. Also, make your way to the former Presidential palace now. It’s a Rwanda Art Museum where you will see some of the most delicate contemporary pieces from Rwanda and nearby regions. And you can also see debris from the presidential aircraft that crashed in 1994.

When you’re ready to refuel a Rwandan cup of joe at Question Coffee Cafe, check out the cafe’s specials menu
to see what the baristas have recently come up with. They’re known to infuse some coffee beverages with unexpected local ingredients, like tree tomato.

Suppose you have any even more romantic setting, head to Fusion Restaurants at any hotel. It overlooks a sparkling pool and serves up homemade plates of pasta, delicious starters, and fresh seafood.

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