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Fazenda Sengha’s Owner How She Started The Outdoor Business In Rwanda That Brings Family And Friends Together

Barbara Custer is a Belgian by origin has been living in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, for 17 years. According to the history of Rwanda, she arrived in 2003 as a psychologist. She is currently the director of the Fazenda Sengha Entertainment Center.

It has been 11 years since 2010, when she decided to launch the Fazenda Sengha Center, which has a variety of recreational activities located on Mount Kigali, known as Nyamirambo, in Nyarugenge District in Kigali City. Speaking to Empathy Manor, she said that she had decided to return the horse at the time she started the business because it was here before in Cercle Sportif Kigali before the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

“When we first started, it was not an idea to do business as a business, but we wanted Rwandans to know that horses are back in their country and even better to teach them how to ride it,” she said.

She added that in the last five years to this year, 2021, they have started it as a business. Asked why She started the company in Kigali City, She said She had a long history with her family Behold. Besides Her, many in Her family have lived in Kigali at different times.In addition to the horses in Fazenda Sengha, there are also the so-called Ziplines (where you wear a belt and walk on a rope). They also have an Archery (This is an Archery Game), They have another game called Bungee (which is a game that is played on a hill but wearing a rope), They also have the so-called Quad Bike, which is a Motorcycle 4, But these are said to belong to their partner. There are even more new features to come, such as the Paint Ball game (This is a game you can shoot, but you have toy guns).

From Right Barbara Custer, the Owner of Fazenda Sengha  accompanied  young children and taught them how to ride a rope

Ms. Barbara also says that the purpose of the Games is to provide fun activities for people of all walks of life who want to spend a few hours outside of their homes, with their families and friends And if you feel you don’t want to try these annoying games, you can sit back and relax, enjoy the fun and even the tranquility of the place where you can drink and eat.

Fazenda Sengha, the group leader, said that the challenge facing the business was to bring horses to Rwanda because it was difficult to obtain large livestock, and even at that time, they did not have the vaccines to deal with them, Besides the fact that no one knows how to take care of it, even the weather in Rwanda, it is challenging to maintain horses that do not have a suitable covered area because it is rainy.

Even then, they were out there and even to make people aware that it was hard to say that the best thing is that every year in the area where she runs this business, there is a change to her business and continues to thrive even though now the challenge has been a Covid-19 epidemic.

Fazenda Sengha started with 2 or 3 employees, according to its CEO. It has 12 permanent employees, but it will come on weekends and increase since they have a lot of customers. In the next five years, She wants the Fazenda Sengha Center to be more professional in its business. Still, to provide better services and bring more new activities to Rwanda Many Don’t Know, It’s Fun To Give Something More Fun To Many People.

She concludes the discussion with Empathy Manor by advising young entrepreneurs that continuing to focus on their business has begun. They have many new ideas and confident that it is possible to make progress in a short period.


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