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Gorilla Guardians Village

Gorilla Guardians Village

It isn’t just a place to see gorillas; it’s also a prime spot to immerse yourself in Rwandan culture at Gorilla Guardians village. The nonprofit cultural village gives tourists the chance to try their hand at Rwanda’s famous crafts and activities Run by reformed poachers, and that place we are talking about is Volcanoes National Park.

In That place, you will also learn how to carry a basket on your head like the Rwandan women, weave your baskets, shoot an arrow and grind grains with a heavy stone. The guides make the entire experience feel like a big party.

In this place also, The traditional dancers decked out with long straw wigs and skirts put on an exciting show to beat rhythmic drumming. You’ll be up and dancing with them before you know it.

Address: Kinigi, Musanze
Official site:

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