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How he relocated to Rwanda from the U.S to open up a media -art company called Envision Rwanda

His name is Peter, and he is a South Korean immigrant to Rwanda from the United States to start a media company. And he is the director of Envision Rwanda Media Arts. It is located in the city of Kigali, where it is a repository of contemporary artworks by Rwandan artists.

Peter arrived in Rwanda in December 2015 because he found a job where he came from as a high school teacher and at that time was employed in the media where he worked on videos and stories to raise funds for orphans. In that school, he taught. He even combines it with teaching photography and making music videos, documentaries, and information for those students. He did all these two years later and came up with another project based on his ideas, and in support of the young people who have these talents, in April 2018, he came to launch Envision Rwanda.

Asked about the challenges he faced at the start of this company, he replied that they are, of course, because as you think business back to people’s lives, you often have some problems because balancing what you give to help young artists and try to work harder Often you find it challenging to balance your offerings to help young artists and try hard to make your business sustainable Where you have to buy new equipment and pay for rent is also tricky. It is also challenging to provide enough equipment for the artists you have because such equipment used in this work is costly and challenging to reach in Rwanda.

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Peter the founder and co-director of Envision Rwanda Media Art.

And before he came to Rwanda, he didn’t just know when he arrived. He immediately saw that Rwanda is an excellent country to live in and do the business you want, and that’s why for the last five years, he has put in his various activities to promote the talents of young people in the field of youth Even Image Making.

Interview with Empathy Manor when asked about her work, he replied that she had been working for ten years and even working on the visuals because she had started it in California in the United States where she was collecting and came to continue this work in Rwanda, and now she and others wanted it. The Profit He Has Gained Since He Started It Especially By Teaching It And Setting Up A Company Here In Rwanda

What helps these young artists is that their art is in high demand. This is why other projects they are planning to launch in Envision Rwanda’s future, including Cafe Envision, which will be a regular Restaurant, But You Will Also See Art From Different Artists Like Photographed And Much More.


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