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His name is Hafashimana Gervais. He is the Founder and Managing Director of My Hill Echo Lodge, with 4 Rooms and 4 Tents called Safari, located at Lake Ruhondo in Musanze District in Rwanda’s Northern Province.

He says that the price of a room before Covid-19 came to US $ 100USD is now the US $ 60USD Including Boat, bread, and Breakfast The Benefits Of Coming To A Special Meal They Have Fresh Tilapia Fish.

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Tilapia Fish A special meal can be found at My Hill Echo Lodge.

Gervais And Asked When He Opened My Hill Echo Lodge He replied that he had founded it for two years where he started it on December 25, 2018, after buying land near Lake Ruhondo and even came to his building. He Says And That It is possible to have a location near the lake in the area where it works because one meter is between the US $ 15USD and 20USD.

Asked about the challenges he faced in his business, he says that the biggest one is the Covid-19 epidemic. Otherwise, his Lodge is beautiful, and he always has visitors because most of the tourists come to visit the National Volcanoes park To See Gorilla’s More than 60% of them still want to visit the lakes And where My Hill Echo Lodge is located, there are two lakes around it, like Lake Ruhondo, which has ten islands, and even Lake Burera, which has five islands that are also larger than Lake Ruhondo called Twins because it was born at the same time.

lake ruhondo,lake ruhondo beach resort,lake ruhondo lodge,lake ruhondo lodges and tented camp,how was lake ruhondo formed,lodge ya ruhondo

Hafashimana Gervais Founded and Managed My Hill Echo Lodge

The advantage is that when you are at My Hill Echo Lodge, you look at the volcanoes Muhabura, the very youngest volcano over the years in Rwanda, Gahinga a very smallest volcano, Sabyinyo the longest volcano in Rwanda, and Bisoke a most visited volcano and also Kalisimbi The Longest Volcano in Rwanda.

At the end of the interview with Empathy Manor, Mr. Gervais encouraged people everywhere, whether in Kigali or outside Rwanda, to come and enjoy being at My Hill Echo Lodge Looking at the Best Places Including Volcanoes We Have Told You Even the Lakes.


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