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How to book a place on Empathy Manor Ltd

How to book a place on Empathy Manor Ltd

Booking a place at Empathy Manor is getting yourself a home away from home. Every guest deserves the best choice for themselves and choosing a place to stay is one of the best choices one can have. Have inquiries on how to book with us? Please follow the guidelines as below;

Complete your profile

Trust is the baseline for Empathy Manor Ltd. Please ensure to complete your profile before you request for a reservation. This is mainly to provide prior information about you during confirmation and establish the trust between Empathy Manor Ltd and the guests. Your profile should contain your National ID verification and profile photo in order to book.

Find the right place

With all the different places around the world, one would want to chose a place that suits their needs in addition to beautiful memories.
When searching for a suitable place, ensure to include the number of guests so as to get the actual prices without forgetting the actual dates that you would make it to the booked place. You are encouraged to read reviews, descriptions, cancellation policy for each place to avoid inconveniences, house rules and amenities. Always contact the host for the place for more detailed information or for any queries.

Book your place

Once the right place is found, the next thing to do is booking. There are different ways that a guest can book depending on what they prefer.

Instant Book

For people who do not want to take long approving reservations, when you click Reserve, the page will direct you to confirming and paying. Just like the name says, you can confirm a reservation at these places immediately.

Request to book

Many people prefer approving their reservations before its final. Once you click Reserve, a page with Request to book will show immediately. With the submission of the reservation request, one needs to enter the payment details. Usually, a host has 24 hours to accept the requestion and once it is accepted, the reservation is automatically confirmed. After the confirmation, one is charged full for the reservation.

Pre-approvals and special offers

If one decides to contact the host to ask questions about the booking process, the host might respond by inviting one to make a reservation with either a pre-approval or special offer. A pre-approval is an invitation for the dates and number of guest you mentioned in when contacting the host whereas the special offer grants the host an opportunity to provide special pricing, dates and other reservation details before booking.

Once the host accepts/confirms the request or if you book a reservation with Instant book, the payment method will be charged as soon as your reservation is confirmed.

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