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Many people from outside Rwanda wonder how easy it is to make a profit in Rwanda and even wonder what kind of business they do, Let’s start the story, like Empathy Manor: “Rwanda is the next Singapore in Africa.”

Because doing business in Rwanda is very easy, like registering your business, you will work there. It does not take days and even at the beginning, so yes, you may face obstacles in doing your business in Rwanda. Still, no doubt because anywhere in the world, You face those challenges while doing your business.

It was two years ago, when it was in November 2019, that I came to Rwanda, and it was a difficult decision to make, so my brother and I started a Business Project in Rwanda. So far, we have had many problems because it was not easy here that it was also our first time in Rwanda, but we continued our Mission.

So I was hoping you could invite all those who are abroad to come and invest in Rwanda because no matter how many pictures you see of Rwanda, no matter how many people you hear talking about this country, you can never know its benefits without coming down to see it.

Because when I came to Rwanda, I had the idea of ​​coming to visit, and I just went back, and it just changed. I said that I see a chance here because I can’t do this, and I started my own business, and that’s when I began business. I gave it the name Empathy Manor based on Hospitality Business and Empathy Organics, an organic store that sells organic products.

Also, note that there are very few entrepreneurs in Rwanda, which means that it is too easy for you to overgrow your chosen business.

If I give you an example, you need to know the business you can make for USD 10,000 depending on what you want to do. I would advise you to go to the Restaurant business, and you can also set up a car wash business with that money and passenger transport business.

Any other business you would like to invest in Rwanda would advise you to go as far as in the technology business to set up an online business or a call company and participate in hospitality business like I did (Hospitality Business).

I want to remind you that you can start all of this for at least US $ 10,000.and  Let me conclude by wishing all those who have not yet arrived in Rwanda to visit Rwanda in particular and come and live with Empathy Mannor (Bread and Breakfast) Kigali.



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