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King’s Palace Museum

Rwanda is a country. Impassioned conservation efforts not only in reverence for animals, but you can also visit the King’s palace Museum certainly. One of the most star attractions at the Museum is the Inyambo (Sacred cows) and their staggeringly large Horns. These days the traditional singers lull the cows into a mellow state by belting poems, and this is the uniqueness of Rwandan people.

The King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza also shows a Replica of a king’s palace from the 15th century with a royal hut, a thatched roof, and a new milk hut traditionally run by an unmarried woman.

Tourists who visit the Museum can also explore the colonial style that was once the royal residence of King Mutara III Rudahigwa in the 20th century. The interior design is particularly striking, bleeding Rwandan patterns with European style, some of which was owned by the King.

Address: Nyanza Road, Nyanza District, Southern
Official site:

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