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While the Rwandan franc (Rwf) is the official currency, US dollars are generally accepted.

Expect to pay cash in Rwandan francs for local services. When it comes to gorilla monitoring and upmarket hotels, the higher price, the more likely US dollars or other hard currencies would be chosen.

Credit and debit cards are used in increasing locations, with Visa being more commonly accepted than Mastercard. It’s best to double-check before making a reservation.

ATMs can be used in almost all major cities, including Kigali.

Banks and private forex bureaux will trade cash but On Sundays and public holidays, all are closed.

Traveler’s checks may be difficult to trade outside of the capital. There are several Western Union sites.

Tipping is optional but much valued. In most cases, cash is chosen. As a rough guide, professional tip guides and drivers US $10 per day, trekking porters the US $2.

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