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My Reason why I see you have to live in Rwanda

Here are some key points from Empathy Manor that we have collected that will help you better understand the importance of living in Rwanda where we find:

“1. The price you need to live in Rwanda.

  1. A place where you can live while you are in Rwanda.
  2. The weather in Rwanda as it is.
  3. Language barriers as they stand.
  4. Security.
  5. The state of human transport.”

First and foremost, let’s start with “at the price you are required to live in Rwanda” it is not difficult to be there because people here continue to go and find out what they do in different parts of the country, especially as in business which has a simple reason. After all, as the Days go by, it becomes easier to live in Rwanda.

And in the second Reason about “where you can be when you are in Rwanda,” it depends on how you want it because if you want a living room with furniture or you are looking for a living room that does not have all the furnishings are available and at different prices but the best I would recommend is to have it in it because as it has the furniture, you rent it from US $ 300USD or 400USD per month. It also depends on the part you want to live in Rwanda because you seem to have it all. For example, it has three rooms, and you find it depending on which one you pay, like US $ 700USD or 800USD per month.

We continue with the third Reason on the “weather of Rwanda.” Rwanda’s weather is perfect because one day, it can be characterized by moderate sun or rain. In the case of the fourth Reason, it is “language” Here that it is one of the connections between different people, whether they are acquaintances or strangers, which is why if you have not yet arrived in Rwanda and want to be satisfied, it is not something you would be afraid of because in Rwanda there are people speak English, French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda. Still, most of them talk ‘Kinyarwanda and English.

As for the fifth Reason on the “Security situation in Rwanda” and other high-level security issues, let us thank the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, for an excellent job he continues to work with because every hour you travel to Rwanda, you are at peace because you are protected by the security forces now that they live in all parts of the country and in the case of “paying bills for daily necessities.” In contrast, you live, for example, Internet, Electricity, water, cooking gas and at least other things that cost you like the US $ 100 per month.

We conclude our Reasons by ending with a sixth Reason on “Transportation as it stands in Rwanda,” which can be cheaper because you pay at least US $ 30 per month if you pay for public transport. You pay for non-public transportation you want such as traveling between 6km and 8km for a fee of US $ 10USD even if you’re going to own your car it is also available in Rwanda because from the US $ 3000 you get it and also the cost of cheap gasoline because you only buy one liter for US $ 2USD. Let me conclude this story by wishing everyone who has not yet arrived in Rwanda to be satisfied because Local Life is easy to live with.


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