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Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial

It’s hard to think that after 26 years ago, Rwanda was in terrible, horrific genocide that leaves more than 1 million peoples dead in just 100 days. Rwanda comes very far from the devastating massacre. Still, the result of this recent terrible History has left and its mark on everyday people’s lives and the young generations to come.

Tourists in Rwanda can teach you more about this horrific History event at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. The haunting Museum dives into the timeline that led to the 1994 genocide, bringing the horrors to life through halls of photographs, artifacts, and information. The main exhibit hall wraps around poignant sculptures and features stained-glass windows that cast a bright glow on the space.

The Museum continues with another permanent exhibit on the History of genocide around the world and intervention efforts from international communities, helping to put the Rwandan genocide into context.

This Museum also includes an emotionally different room, especially a  Children’s Room where you find the youngest victims of the genocide. That room keeps their memory alive through oversize pictures of the children—personal biography about the victims like their names and favorite things. At the same time, it’s hard to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial. As a part of being a responsible tourist in Rwanda, give yourself time to think and get the experience of how the 250,000 victims interred at this site at the memorial’s Gardens of Reflection. Address: KG 14 Ave., Kigali Official site:

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