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The dress code is relaxed but polite Men are more likely to wear pants, but shorts are appropriate, though not wearing a shirt is frowned upon. Women would be more at ease in skirts that are knee-length or higher.

The weather usually is mild during the day, so wear plenty of light clothes and consider sun safety, such as a hat and sunglasses. The evenings are chilly, so a soft jumper is recommended.

Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park are also great places to visit, so it’s a good idea to dress a little warmer. In the moist mountains, a lightweight waterproof jacket can be helpful.

In Akagera National Park, stop wearing blue because it draws tsetse flies, and take reasonable precautions against mosquitos and other bites.

Wear sturdier clothes and solid walking shoes when tracking gorillas to avoid stinging nettles. Gardening or leather gloves, as well as gaiters, are both recommended should be carried.

Cleaning fluid is not readily available for anyone who uses contact lenses, and dust or sun can cause itching, so it’s wise to carry a pair of sunglasses.

Cleaning fluid is not readily accessible, and dust or sun will cause discomfort, so it’s wise to have a pair of glasses with you for peace of mind.

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